19 Nov 2008



The objective of the 7th Infrastructure Safety Forum, held in Brussels on 19 November 2008, was to identify new solutions and future actions to undertake to move as closer as possible to the ambitius European goal of saving 25,000 lives by 2010.

Final Report available



New Solutions to reduce the number of fatalities on European roads

The Infrastructure Safety Forum was called in light of the fact that EU countries are set to miss the ambitious target of reaching 25,000 fatalities on European roads by the year 2010. In 2006, in fact, over 40,000 Europeans still lost their lives in road traffic accidents. The road infrastructure sector, however, believes it has a key role to play and that it can offer simple, effective and cheap solutions that can immediately improve the safety of infrastructure.

During the Forum a number of keynote speakers, representing road equipment manufacturers, user associations, testing bodies and federations, took turns in explaining possible future actions which would yield additional safety on roads. The floor was then left open for debate, with participants actively involved in all the discussions.

More joint and focused actions were called to bring the problem of road safety and infrastructure more into light, whilst in parallel there was an unanimous call for EU Institutions to increase their involvement in the topic through additional and better legislation and more safety targeted research funding.


Workshop Agenda, Presentations & Conclusions


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I SESSION - EU Policy: outlines, rules and regulations

Ms. Berta Vizcarra-Mir, ERF Secretariat


II SESSION - Standards, Tests and Materials

Mr. Jean Bloch, LIER

Mr. Amilcar Da Costa, CEN

Mr. Carlo Padoa, ArcelorMittal


III SESSION - Vulnerable Road Users

Mr. Ángel Martinez, HIASA

Ms. Aline Delhaye, FEMA

Mr. Jean Lalo, Somaro


IV SESSION - Road restraint and road marking systems innovations and solutions

Mr. Thierry Reip, Snoline

Mr. José Miguel Perandones, Cidaut

Mr. Rik Nuyttens, 3M


CLOSING SESSION - ERF Road Safety Future Agenda: Objectives and scope

Mr. Christophe Nicodème, ERF

FINAL REPORT of the 2008 Infrastructure Safety Forum


The ERF Infrastructure Safety Forum

The ERF Infrastructure Safety Forum, an initiative launched by ERF as part of its commitment towards better road safety which hosts discussions aimed at highlighting the life-saving potential offered by safer road engineering.