26 Oct 2007



In collaboration with the European Commission's Directorate-General for Enlargement (TAIEX Unit), the European Union Road Federation (ERF) organised a workshop for road safety professionals on 23-24 October 2007 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


In collaboration with the European Commission's Directorate-General for Enlargement (TAIEX Unit), the European Union Road Federation (ERF) has been instrumental in setting up a cycle of road safety engineering training Workshops in Central and Eastern European Countries for the benefit of road safety professionals from the public and private sector. The fourth workshop was held in Vilnius on 23-24 June 2007.

The seminar included specific sessions on European policies, legal aspects, road equipment standards and deployment strategies, safe road management policies, the role of safe road infrastructure, traffic safety audits, intelligent transport systems and financing road safety. It also provided an occasion to discuss and review the Baltic situation on road safety engineering and assess possible future strategies.

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Press Release (29.10.07)

ERF signs framework agreement with TAIEX (16.01.07)

Workshop Presentations

To download a copy of the presentations, please click on the corresponding speaker's name (large files - it is recommended to use right-click & "Save Target As" option).

Safe Road Management Policies: European framework and policy context, Brendan Halleman, Director of Operations, European Union Road Federation (ERF)

Road Safety in Lithuania, Donatas Dudonis, Deputy Director General, Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry for Transport and Communcations, Republic of Lithuania

Road Safety in Estonia, Jaak Liivaleht, Chief specialist of Planning Department, Estonian Road Administration

Road Safety in Latvia, Aldis Lama, Accident Database Expert, Road Safety Directorate of Latvia

Legal Requirements: Tunnel Safety Directive & Safe Road Infrastructure Management Directive, Sandro Francesconi, Administrator, European Commission

Safe Road Management: Safety Audits, Steve Proctor, TMS Consultancy

Safe Road Management: Workzone Safety, Arnold Delaney, Quixote

Safe Road Management: Preventive Hazard Identification, Ángel Martínez, HIASA

Passive Safety: EN1317 Overview, Norman van Oudtshoorn, Volkmann & Rossbach 

Passive Safety: EN1317 applied to practical cases, Joseph Marra, ArcelorMittal

Active Safety: Road Markings, George Lee, Road Safety Marking / Highway Industries Confederation Ltd.

Active Safety: Road Signalling, Wolfgang Kramp, 3M

Active Safety: ITS, Igor Abendaño, SICE

Road Mainteinance Strategy, Jaakko Rahja, Finnish Road Association 

Financing of Road Maintenance, Tom Antonissen, Director of Policy, European Union Road Federation (ERF)   

Workshop pictures