20070804_1440142189_torredebelem_1The European Union Road Federation (ERF), the Brussels Programme Centre of the International Road Federation (IRF) invites all the road actors to join IRF in Portugal for the 16th IRF World Meeting. This key event for the road infrastructure sector, entitled “Sharing the Road”, is jointly organised by all IRF Programme Centres and will be held in Lisbon (Portugal) from 25 to 28 May 2010.


As the road sector faces the challenges of the new century, it becomes vital for all stakeholders to share visions and find solutions that can reconcile road infrastructure with modern needs, meet growing expectations for a safer and, at the same time, cheaper mobility, and consider new cost-effective and environmental friendly materials and technologies.

By bringing together the world’s foremost experts from the public and private sectors, the 16th IRF World Meeting, represents the ideal forum to reach a consensus on new strategies for the road sector which will be able to meet society’s ever evolving expectations in terms of transportation and mobility.

As the first day of the World Meeting approaches, the IRF invites you to register through the dedicated website http://www.irf2010.com/ in order to benefit from the early bird rates.

The ERF – IRF BPC is confident that all stakeholders will profit from the Lisbon spring week and, in the words of its Chairman Professor Emanuel Maranha Das Neves, start preparing together “a new voyage of discovery from Lisbon - towards shared roads for the future wellbeing and prosperity of our planet”.


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