GINAThe GINA (GNSS for INnovative road Applications) project has just entered its second and most critical phase with the launch of the first large demonstrator of a GNSS-based Road User Charging scheme.   To be conducted in the Netherlands over an overall period of six months, this demonstration’s objective is to show how and with what performance GNSS technology based on European GNSS infrastructure can support the implementation of a RUC scheme and justify its added value as compared with GPS-only. The trials consist of two parts, i.e. the exhaustive trials and the end-to-end trials.

The exhaustive trials
will be carried out over a period of 4 weeks, whereby 2 vehicles equipped with I-20 OBUs and high performance reference equipment will follow pre-determined routes defined by the project.  Each route will be repeated approximately 20 times in order to enable the gathering of data for statistically significant results.  The objective of the exhaustive trials will be test the performance of EGNOS in terms of accuracy and integrity compared to a GPS system. Additionally, aspects such as the distance measurement accuracy, the performance in the identification of geo-objects and the overall charging accuracy of the system will be also analysed.

The end-to-end trials will last six months, during which 100 vehicles fitted with I-20 OBUs will be driving around the Netherlands freely, i.e. without a pre-determined route.  The objective of the end-to-end trials will be two-fold:

  1. to perform an overall assessment of capabilities of the system from different perspectives (including capability to generate invoices, evaluation of drivers reaction and feedback, provisioning of added-value services, effects of interferences in system performance etc.)
  2. to carry out exhaustive performance analyses for those variables with no need of a reference system (including estimation of overcharging performance, capability of getting repeatable results for same conditions etc.)

The first preliminary data from the exhaustive trials is expected to be available by mid-May, while the data analysis of the end-to-end trials will be available once the trials are concluded in September.

GINA is offering a unique opportunity to foster the adoption of EGNOS/Galileo in the road sector by addressing the various obstacles preventing GNSS-based road pricing and VAS large-scale take off and considering their positive impacts on different aspects such as congestion and pollution.

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