pothole 1The French Senate Commission for land use planning and sustainable development has just released an informative report on the current condition of the motorway and road infrastructures in France. This report reveals the trend towards a degradation of the networks and warns about the mid- and long-term consequences.


According to Senator Hervé Maurey “once the degradation is proved, it becomes more costly and complicated to maintain the network, as the railway example has demonstrated: the State must therefore react in a quick and responsible manner in order to prevent the road network from experiencing a similar fate”. This report also contains the minutes of the roundtable organised on 8th February, which gathered representatives from the most structuring road networks – the State, the motorway companies, the Departments – as well as road sector industry and road users. This roundtable confirmed the absolute necessity of increasing the resources dedicated to the maintenance of the road network.


The original article in French can be consulted on: http://www.collectiviteslocales.fr/component/k2/item/3903-infrastructures-routieres-et-autoroutieres-un-reseau-en-danger-d-apres-un-rapport-du-senat


The Report on the current condition of the motorway and road infrastructures in France (FR)