22 July 2009

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The ERF – IRF BPC launches the 8th edition of the European Road Statistics.


The European Union Road Federation (ERF), the Brussels Programme Centre of the International Road Federation (IRF), is very proud to announce the release of the eight edition of its publication on road transport data in Europe: the European Road Statistics 2009.

At a time when stakeholders at European and national level seek to define a modern transport strategy that meets the challenges of the 21st century, it is imperative that decisions on the road transport sector are made on the basis of factual information which reflects the true impact of its activities on Europe’s economy. The European Road Statistics 2009 contain elements of continuity and renewal. While continuing to provide important updated information on sectors such as passenger transport, goods transport etc., the latest edition also contains important new data on, amongst others, road investment, current fleet renewal schemes and the environmental impact of road transport. Furthermore, it includes a new dedicated section of case studies, showcasing tangible examples of how targeted measures can reduce road-related emission and noise levels.

The data collected reveals several trends: it confirms the continuing preference of citizens and companies for road transport; with commercial and passenger vehicle registration down more than 10% in some cases, it reveals the impact of the current economic crisis on automotive industry; with respect to road investment, recent data collected clearly show that while investment patterns in Western have largely stabilised, respective patterns in Central and Eastern Europe point to an increasing emphasis on better and more modern road infrastructure; last but least, data on car emissions provide convincing evidence that the road sector is actively pursuing policies to reduce its carbon footprint and that better roads can help reduce GHG emissions.

These and many other interesting and necessary facts, on a sector which is of paramount importance for Europe’s economy, can be found in the European Road Statistics 2009.

The European Road Statistics 2009 is available on request sent to the ERF – IRF Brussels Programme Centre’s Secretariat and may also be freely consulted online.