16 June 2009

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The MENTORE Manifesto was presented at the project’s final event


On 10 June 2009, MENTORE held a successful final workshop during which the project team presented the MENTORE Manifesto and the business cases supporting MENTORE proposals for policy actions. The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy and Transport also presented its actions and plans in support of the European GNSS, in particular, the next milestones for EGNOS entering into service and the strategies for the use of EGNOS and Galileo, especially in the road market.

During the opening speech, Mr Hamet, Policy Officer of the Galileo Unit of the European Commission DG TREN, informed the audience on future priorities of the EU agenda: a proposal for an EC directive for real-time tracking of dangerous materials and a proposal for an EC directive for real-time satellite tracking to monitor coaches. The MENTORE team welcomed this promising news which, in line with the project’s conclusions, confirms that in some road markets proper consideration of EGNOS/Galileo in policies under way can be key in facilitating its adoption.

Capitalising on an in-depth analysis and supported by live demonstrations based on real business cases, the project proposed a roadmap for the introduction of EGNOS today, in view of Galileo tomorrow. It identified, services, market priorities, key actors and a timeline for actions, including priorities and recommendations for some policies under preparation. On the basis of this work, the project published a Manifesto containing its proposal for short-terms actions in 3 priority domains of the regulated tracking & tracing market: dangerous goods, multimodal freight and city logistics.

The MENTORE final event allowed the consortium to inform selected decision-makers, such as the European GNSS Supervisory Agency and the DG Transport of the European Commission, about the project outcomes before spreading them to a wider audience. The Manifesto and the presentations are available for download on the MENTORE website: www.gnsstracking.eu

Coordinated by Telespazio and with the ERF – IRF BPC among the participants, MENTORE (iMplemENtation of GNSS tracking & tracing Technologies fOR Eu regulated domains) is a project devoted to introducing EGNOS/Galileo in regulated “Tracking & Tracing” users’ domain