2 December 2004


Over 600 delegates from 36 countries attended the 1st edition of the European Road Congress held on 24-26 November 2004 in Lisbon (Portugal). You can now order the proceedings and view the presentations delivered at this first-class event.


Copies of the European Road Congress proceedings (full papers) are available for purchase at EUR 65 each.

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Speaker Presentations

To download a copy of the presentations, please click on the corresponding speaker's name (large files - it is recommended to use right-click & "Save Target As" option). Please note that some presentations are missing and will shortly be uploaded to this section.

Topic 1a - Infrastructure Road Safety (Accidentology)

New Approach to Better Design of Selected Road Safety Measures, Ing. Jaroslav Heinrich, Centrum Dopravniho Vyzkumu (CDV), Czech Republic

A Model for Developing Road Safety Audit Practice in Europe, Steve Proctor, TMS Consultancy

Methodological Approach for the safety Evaluation of Two-Lane Rural Roads with Low-Medium Traffic Volume, Salvatore Cafiso, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Catania, Italy

The Influence of Non-Reported Accidents on Roadside Safety Research, Angel V. Martínez & Antonio Amengual, Hierros y Aplanaciones (HIASA)

Topic 1b - Infrastructure Road Safety (Design/Operations)

White Spots - Road Sections without Accidents, Elena de la Peña González, Spanish Road Association

(AEC), Spain

Emergency Facilities for Tunnel Safety and Current Turkey Highway Tunnels, ?rfan Ünal, Motorway Structures Maintenance, National Road Administration, Turkey

Tools for investigating roadside safety from several perspectives: an integrated solution, Cees Klootwijk, TNO Human Factors, The Netherlands

Traffic Calming Schemes / Principle of Differentiation, Christophe Nicodème, Prismo Ltd.

The new Directive 2004/54/EC on Road Tunnel Safety and its consequences, Dr. Bernd Thamm, European Commission, DG TREN

Black spot management : the role of signing/marking, Rik Nuyttens, Traffic Safety Systems Division, 3M Europe

Safe Road design, Herman Moning, Directorate for Traffic and Infrastructure, The Netherlands

Topic 2 - Construction & Maintenance Technologies

Crash tested lighting columns will decrease fatalities, D.Sc. Jarkko Valtonen, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

The Integration of the performance-driven European Norm EN 1317 for Vehicle Restraint Systems (Safety Barriers) into National Installation Guidelines, B. Wolfgang Wink, Volkmann & Rossbach Gmbh

Asset Management: Basic Level of Maintenance, Michel Goppel, M.Sc, Directorate for Traffic and Infrastructure, The Netherlands

Pavement Management using Mechanistic-Empirical Relationships, Kars P. Drenth and Stephen Wormald, Dynatest UK Ltd

Safer Restraint Systems for Motorcyclists Integrity, F. Fattorini, Centro Sviluppo Materiali SpA (CSM)

Structural road monitoring with Curviameter, Fernando Sánchez Domínguez, Euroconsult Nuevas Tecnologías S.A.

ROBUST - Road Barrier Upgrade of Standards, Prof. Vitorio Giavotto, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

Topic 3 - Intelligent Roads

e-Safety, Juhani Jaaskelainen, European Commission DG INFSO

ADVANTIS: The Added Value of the Galileo Integrity for the Road Transport, M.A. Martínez-Olagüe, GMV S.A.

European Cross-Border Interoperability, Feiko van der Veen, DHV Environment & Transportation

Linking of in-vehicle and Internet Based Information Services in Austria and with the CEE countries - Traveller Information Services (TIS) within CONNECT, Martin Müllner, Via donau – Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH für Telematik und Donauschifffahrt

Issues To Be Addressed Before a Practical European electronic Toll Service Can Be Implemented, Duncan Matheson, PA Consulting Group

Quality of on-line Traffic Information, Dr.-Ing. Guido Schuster, LSV Rheinland-Pfalz

eRoad - Telematic Data Transport System, José Miguel Santos, PT Inovação S.A.

Topic 4 - Roads & The Environment

Motorways and sustainable development: the case of the environmental and socio-economic observatory of the A39 motorway in south-eastern France, Jean-François Langumier, Société des Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhône (SAPRR)

The road users' influence on the noise level in roads surrounding, Katarzyna Dobierska, General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Poland

The influence of European Protected Areas Network 'Natura 2000' on the transport infrastructure development in Poland, Katarzyna Dobierska, General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, Poland

Asphalt Rubber - The Quietest Ride, Dr. Jorge Sousa, Consulpav International

Methods for evaluation of road noise, Mª José Hernández Echegaray, Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo en Automoción (CIDAUT)

Recommendations for the Improvement of the Integration of Roads in Environmentally sensitive areas, Elena de la Peña González, Spanish Road Association (AEC)

The environmental benefits of carpool systems - steps towards delivery in Portuguese municipalities, Fernando Lobo Pimentel, Banco de Portugal

Topic 5 - Financing Road Construction & Maintenance

Taxing or charging road users - do we need a new paradigm for funding road investments? Analyzing policies and policy making in Germany, Björn Dosch, ADAC Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobili, Germany

Government Participation in the Concessional legal risk, the legal frame in Spain, Fernando Gutiérrez de Vera, Association of Spanish Construction Contractors (SEOPAN)

Public Private Partnerships - state of the art, Wilfried Rammler, HOCHTIEF Development

Interurban Road Charging for Trucks in Europe: Review of the Concepts, Arguments, Impacts, and Recommendations for EU policy, Professor Jose Viegas, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Portugal

Towards a global and sustainable approach for road infrastructure funding, Dr. Aniceto Zaragoza, European Union Road Federation (ERF)

Topic 6 -Transport Policies in an Enlarged Europe (EU Policies)

Partners for Roads - Roads and Regional Development, Michel Goppel, M.Sc & Benno Bultink, Directorate for Traffic and Infrastructure, The Netherlands

The Strategic European Road Research Programme (SERRP): FEHRL's Vision, Dr. Steve Phillips, Forum of European Highway Research Laboratories (FEHRL)

Road Infrastructure in Romania - Development and integration within the transport policies of the EU, Liviu Ghiorghe,  National Company of Motorways and National Roads, Romania

Road Infrastructure in Poland after Enlargement of the European Union - Identification of Basic Problems and Barriers, Prof. Leszek Rafalski, Road and Bridge Research Institute (IBDIM), Poland

Motorway Construction Programme in the Republic of Slovenia, Bogdan Pezdirc, Ministry of Transport, Slovenia

Roads and the enlargement: the infrastructure challenge, José Papí, European Union Road Federation (ERF)